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Music Theory for Singers - Note Names

letter names of notes

The names for the notes in music as as seen above. They start on A and go through to G. After G it starts over again at A. This "starting over" can be difficult for new musicians, so look in the second line of the image how the note under A is G. I've also added a piano image below so you can see how these notes are placed on a keyboard.

piano note names

There are many tricks musicians use to remember these, but the only real solution is repetition. just be aware of the notes you are singing. Some people look at the 5 lines of a music staff and say "FACE in the space." Since the spaces from the bottom up spell F A C E. Some say phrases like "Every Good Boy Does Fine" to spell out E G B D F, which is the lines of the staff from the bottom to the top. Whatever works for you is fine, but be aware that all instruments use these names. This way you can communicate with any musician effectively and efficiently with things like "I'm going to sing the C in that A minor chord" and all of a band would know exactly what you're doing and where you're doing it. If you are a singer who wants to accompany yourself on guitar or piano, this skill is especially important as you typically need to be able to read sheet music or chord charts, all of which use these letter names.

Letter names are not difficult, but they can be time consuming to memorize. If you need additional help or want someone to practice with, sign up for lessons with me or leave a comment below!

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