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Process to Learn How to Sing With Vibrato

How to sing with vibrato

Please note that this is just one method for learning how to sing with vibrato if you don't find it naturally. This process does not work for everyone, so if you're having trouble, work on it with a singing teacher. This is the process as taught to me by my voice teacher that I am now passing on to any reader!

  1. Slide between two pitches a half step apart, starting from the higher of the two. Do this in time with a metronome at about 104 beats per minute (just google metronome and you'll find one). So for each click of the metronome you'll change pitch one time. Make sure you are SLIDING between these two notes. You should almost never be holding a pitch.

  2. At this point begin to slowly move the metronome to faster and faster speeds until you reach 208. If at any point you cannot change at that speed, slow down until you can. Once you have reached 208, go back to 104 and begin moving to hit both pitches with each click (double speed). WHILE DOING THIS: try to become aware of your throats movement between the two pitches. If you cannot feel it, increase the distance between the two notes to a whole step (2 half steps) or even a third (3 half steps), but not more than that.

  3. At this point, Once again, move the metronome slowly to 208 slowing if you cannot keep up. If you reach 208 slow the metronome to 104 again and move 4 times with each click (quadruple speed). If it becomes difficult, try to only do it for 2 or 4 clicks and then stop for 2 or 4 clicks. Make sure your neck feels loose while doing this, if you develop tension or it feels forced, slow down again until that goes away.

  4. At this point, it will get particularly difficult and may take several weeks to reach this next step. Begin moving up to 140 on the metronome in quadruple time or up to a maximum of 152. IF you are loose, not forced, and sliding the bottom of the two notes should begin to disappear so that you only hear the top note but with vibrato. That feeling of your throat changing pitch will remain.

Credit for this process goes to Richard Hynson. If you are having difficulty understanding or need additional assistance, talk to your voice teacher, sign up for lessons with me, or leave a comment and I'll try to clarify.

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