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Warm Ups - Four Pattern Suggestions

warm ups on sheet music

This is simply a short list of warm ups and their purpose. For clarity I will be using letters on the piano to talk about pitches. If you don't play piano, there are apps you can download that show the letters instead of the keys of a piano. They are often called something along the lines of "pitch pipe" or "pitch perfect" or something along those lines.

  1. Singing on "AH" sing "C D E F G F E D C" Do your best to sing these notes as smoothly and connected as possible. After singing these notes, sing the same pattern of sound, but start on D. Continue moving up starting on E, then F, and then G. The aim of this exercise is to sing the pattern accurately and learn the first portion of the major scale by ear throughout your range. Additionally, it helps practice something called legato, which is transitioning between notes smoothly and making a good flow.

  2. Singing on "Ha" (like a laugh) on each of the notes "C E G C" with the final C being the higher version. Hold the top note for a few moments before finishing. Similarly to the first warm up, continue this patter but starting on a different note. The purpose of this warm up is to get your voice used to large jumps and adjusted to singing in different parts of your range. The strong "H" sound in the laugh will get your singing muscles flexing which will help you hit the higher notes.

  3. Singing on "ngah" repeatedly (if you have trouble making this sound try singing "sing-ah" instead) sing the notes "G F E D C." As before, then move this pattern higher or lower (starting on F instead or starting on A instead). This warm up will help open up the back of your mouth, which helps you eliminate some less pleasant sounds in a beginners voice. The "NG" sound pops open into the "ah" resulting in the extra space inside your mouth.

  4. Singing on the not "C" only, try singing a tongue twister. My go to would be "the sixth sheiks sixth sheep's sick." As always move the note up or down for repetitions. The purpose of this warm up is to get your tongue, teeth, and lips moving. You need control of these muscle groups to sing well, and tongue twisters while singing is great practice for gaining control of them.

These four patterns and the way they are designed will teach you several things without you even having to think about them. You'll learn scale patters which will help you sing in tune better, you'll learn the extra little tips each warm up came with by feel, and you'll gain more control over your voice. If you need additional clarity or warm up ideas, sign up for lessons with me or leave a comment!

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