If you’re searching for a professional Music Teacher and Performer who can give you the personalized attention you deserve, look no further! I’m an experienced and knowledgeable teacher of singing lessons with a degree in voice education and state certification to teach music. I've been offering my instructive services since 2016 to clients in the greater Milwaukee area. I can help you unlock your full vocal potential by providing the technical guidance and fundamental skills you need in order to succeed.

Controlling The Voice


My lessons focus on controlling the voice. For beginning students I teach the basics of posture and breathing that will lead to a healthy control of not only the voice, but the whole body. As we continue I move onto learning different individual skills based upon what the students needs most. Some of the most common goals of my students that I address are learning to sing with more volume without needing a substantial amount of effort, extending the range, and eliminating habits that can cause permanent damage later in life. For my more advanced students or those looking to sing a variety of styles I teach how to alter the voice subtly such that a student could sing drastically different songs with quality.


"Coltyn is Awesome! My son loves going to lessons! He explains things in a simple way that my son has really latched on to. Already I can hear improvements in my sons singing and we have only had a few lessons! I would give more then 5 stars if I could!"

Julie M.

"Coltyn is so fun to work with and has given me great tools to help me improve my singing! He lets me sing what I want to sing and lets me be myself! I have had teachers in the past who tried to limit me or to make me into something that I'm not, but Coltyn is not like that at all! I was surprised at how much we can get done in half an hour without feeling rushed. Great voice teacher :)"

Danise E.

"He does an incredible job tailoring sessions to whatever your goals are. He challenges you to become better by encouraging you to break out of your comfort zone, something that is very important when attempting to become a better vocalist. He was also very easy to get a hold of and was very flexible which is nice because life happens and he understands and respects that. I strongly recommend his services if you want a respectful, encouraging, and fun setting and want to hear results."

Camren B.


Making Learning More Enjoyable

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Music Teacher. someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. My teaching style focuses on area specific skills, but also emphasizes learning to control one's voice to sing a vast range of genres.

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Prices are determined by location. Contact me today to see how you can benefit from my wide range of services.


I have been teaching voice lessons in the Milwaukee area since my graduation from college in 2016, but I have been performing since 2011 throughout the United States and Europe both as a soloist and with choirs. I currently perform as a tenor section leader in the professional choir of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, in musicals through local community and professional theaters, as a singer for hire through various local groups, as well as in local operas. 

I have extensive training with singing as I have been taking lessons myself since I could speak. Additionally, I have a degree in music education from Wisconsin Lutheran College, which I use to teach at Milwaukee Montessori School, a 3K-8th grade Montessori school in the Wauwatosa area. I teach students from 5-85 in the three styles I have experience in, although one could use what I teach to sing a larger variety of styles.